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Leading Global Education’s Professional Development Program increases the learning and achievement of students by developing the capacity of teachers to use research-based instructional strategies. We do this by offering training programs of consistently high quality to schools that are participating in ADEC’s 10 Year Strategic Plan.

All schools in the Abu Dhabi Emirate are required to demonstrate the use of technology across all subjects. School inspections will be looking at not only the functioning of a computer center, but especially how your technology resources are being used to enhance teaching and learning. New guidelines are expected to follow soon on teacher and principal evaluations, which will detail the specific instances of technology use expected by 21st Century educators.

Engaging, Interactive Content Delivery

The following training sessions are currently under development in the areas of Child Protection, Health & Safety:

  • Staff Training    Informing staff of school policy and procedures, assigning responsibility, establishing an EHS Committee and Officer with training and job descriptions for each, raising environmental awareness and occupational health and safety, HC (Hierarchy of Control) and individual training according to roles and duties. Training teachers on the proper supervision of students: on playgrounds, in classrooms, in sport halls, moving between rooms, transportation (including embarking and disembarking) and while on field trips outside the school.
  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedures for Schools    Formation of a policy and procedures that are site-specific and related to the School Improvement Plan, and which meet the basic requirements of ADEC.
  • Child Protection Awareness    Formation of an effective school Child Protection policy and procedures, including setting up of staff registers and procedures for recognising and reporting child abuse and how to manage and put a stop to bullying. Best approaches to dealing with childhood challenges such as depression, lack of confidence, being ostracized, and severe levels of shyness or a serious lack of self-esteem.
  • Fire Risk Management for Schools    Guidance on completing a suitable and sufficient fire-risk assessment plan and evacuation procedures and physical evacuation plans for your school, as required by the Abu Dhabi Environment Health & Safety Management System. Training, supervision and assessment of the correct and most effective evacuation procedures can also be arranged.

Future Courses

Register your interest by using the "Contact Us" link (above) and we will contact you when there is a course available. The content of future courses will include the following:

  • The new inspection framework and your school's improvement
  • Improvements for effective teaching and learning
  • Strengthening literacy in secondary schools
  • Student-watching: how do I evaluate and improve my practice?
  • Best practices for rapid ESL learning

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The new inspection framework and your school improvement Improving teaching and learning The teaching of reading and phonics in primary schools Strengthening literacy in secondary schools Child-minding: how do I evaluate and improve my practice?