We work in many types of schools

LGE engages a team of consultants from a wide range of backgrounds. We cater to primary, secondary and special schools; academies; colleges; and nurseries. We work in the public and private sectors, and tailor our services for each individual school. LGE also provides services on a larger scale for local authorities and diocese.

Custom-made Approaches

Every school setting is different, and we know from experience that a standardized approach does not work best. That is why we like to discuss your needs with you before planning a visit. Our services are designed flexibly from a menu of different approaches and time-scales. These include:

  • Independent Review    LGE consultants can provide external, independent evaluation and advice through a rigorous inspection-type review process. This is ideal if you need an objective evaluation. We can focus on specific inspection judgments, or you may wish us to look at another aspect of your work such as creative curriculum, the teaching of reading, or performance management.
  • Collaborative Review    We believe that using inspection skills and processes can make an essential and invaluable contribution to continuous education improvement. We provide collaborative reviews because we have learned that involving leadership teams in the process can promote more sustainable impact. Working alongside our consultants can help your staff to develop skills in sharp evaluation, use of evidence and focused prioritization for improvement. This can continue to have a positive impact long after we have left! We can focus on specific inspection judgments such as the quality of teaching, leadership and management or community support.
  • Monitoring Visits    Our expertise in ADEC inspections can help you develop the skills you need to improve. Ongoing monitoring visits from LGE consultants can provide you with a framework for improvement against which you will be regularly assessed. This approach might be similar to that of the former school improvement partner (PPP), but will bring a higher level of challenge, in line with the ADEC framework.
  • Data Analysis    Our technology-astute consultants can provide help with using data of all types to evaluate performance.
  • Joint Lesson Observations    Many schools have commented on the effectiveness of this approach. We will provide a seminar on what to look for in lessons, followed by focused observations according to the needs of the school. These are then followed by a detailed analysis and discussion led by your consultant.
  • Written reports    Visits can be followed by detailed written reports with guidance and action points.
  • Professional Development Days    LGE can provide teacher in-service in a variety of formats: after school; seminars; training days; courses for clusters of schools.

A range of expertise

You will probably already have a very good idea of which aspects on which you would like us to focus. We can also advise on related areas that we feel are directly linked to your concerns. Examples of aspects of school improvement most commonly requested include:

  • Improving the quality of teaching
  • Improving student achievement
  • Using technology to learn
  • Helping with data analysis
  • Self-evaluation workshops
  • Understanding Inspection
  • KG1 - G12 curriculum
  • Development planning
  • Child protection, safety and welfare
  • Developing an integrated curriculum
  • School Governance